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TRUE LOVE! Unisex Fine Jersey Tank (on man)


Tri-Blend Black
Tri-Blend Blue
Tri-Blend Grey

  • Perfect for those slightly warmer days when you still want to show the world your love for your best friend.

  • Crafted out of 100% ring-spun combed cotton, this sleeveless tank top is perfect for men and women alike. Sharing is caring, right?

  • We don’t believe in using heartless machine to craft something so special. Nine skilled workers make this jersey tank just for you, with love, care and guaranteed quality.

  • This tank’s breezy loose drape is perfect for exercise – like taking your dog for a run through the streets – with true love!

  • Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns or exchanges. Hey, if you don’t want it, give it to a fellow dog-lover!

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