The Perfect Leash & Collar for Your Energizer Husky


Do you often wish you had the energy of a Husky? Their intensity seemingly never declines. With their sled-dog breeding history, they have the vitality and energy to pull a sled for days. That high energy is also paired with an admirable, carefree spirit. While exhausting, there is so much joy found in the playfulness of Huskies.

With all that high energy and carefree spirit, Huskies often have behavioral tendencies that may be described as attention deficit. You never know what small thing will lead your Husky to take off during your daily walk.

While we can’t stop your Husky from running, Gordon Wear Dog Leash & Collar Sets can help with the comfort, both for your Husky and your hands. Check out our variety of leash sizes and colors that all come with a padded handle.

Benefits of Gordon Wear:

  • Made from sturdy materials
  • Comfortable for you and your dog
  • Non-toxic - safe for those dogs that like to chew

At Gordon Wear, we offer FREE shipping in the United States for all of our products, including our Dog Leash & Collar Sets as well as fun apparel for you when you’re on those walks with your Husky.