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Give Your Poodle the Best with Gordon Wear Leash & Collar Set

Update: before you buy, read this article on how to choose a dog leash


Poodles, the dog breed that is the epitome of class and whimsy. They have been stealing our hearts since as early as the 15th century. Originating from Germany where they are called Pudelhund, Poodles make excellent companions. They are intelligent, soft, and make dependable watch dogs. They have sat on the laps of kings, queens, and modern stars.

If you own a Poodle you are among a select group:    

  • Elvis Presley
  • Grace Kelly
  • Marilyn Monroe
  • Walt Disney

Poodles also need plenty of exercise which gives you an excuse to show off their gorgeous coats and personalities to the public. One thing that you can’t leave the house without when walking your poodle is a good leash. Since poodles are such special dogs you want to make sure they are comfortable and fashionable. You can’t have your star dog leaving the house in a leash that doesn’t match their collar! But don’t worry we got you covered.

Gordon Wear knows the importance of comfort without giving up on convenience and aesthetics. Unlike leashes from common pet shops, Gordon Wear actually understands your needs and makes leashes that are comfortable for you and your furry companion. So check out the link here and treat yourself and your Poodle to something special.