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Sunscreen or Sun Hat?

Remember when you were a kid and your mom would make you put on sunscreen before you went outside? Then she would lather it all on your arms, neck, and face. Sometimes if it wasn’t rubbed in well, you would get weird tan lines from where the sunscreen didn’t reach. Or maybe you remember being that mom putting sunscreen on your child. Difficult and annoying right? Well, now there’s an easier way to protect your skin from the sun! sunscreen and sunglasses in the sand
Instead of putting on greasy sunscreen all over your skin, just wear a hat!
Sounds simple enough, right? Gordon Wear offers stylish sun hats that are UPF 50+, making your skin 98% protected from the sun and its dangerous UV radiation. So what makes our hats better than any other old hat? Gordon’s hats protect your skin from any sun at all. Don’t believe it? Try this experiment:
  • Have a friend take a picture of you wearing a baseball cap or visor from every angle. Look at the pictures and see if there is any sun shining on your face. Did you see sun on your face? Chances are, you did.

  Gordon Wear found that protecting your face from the sun with just any hat was difficult. It either didn’t protect your whole face or was just too hot to wear. So we designed hats that would protect your entire face!

Gordon Wear's hats are designed to have a long brim in order to cover every inch of your face with shade. 

Plus, they are super stylish! We also found that visors are safe to wear because the hair on your head protects your scalp from sun radiation.   Some of the products we offer are:

  • Gordon Wear Walking Hat, which is great for active outdoors people who love running, hiking, and boating!
  • The Outdoor Hat is so named because you can wear it just about anywhere outside. Whether it’s walking, sitting, or hiking, this hat is perfect for everyone!
  • The Sport Visor, which is perfect ideal for sporting activities such as tennis, golf, or the gym. You can even wear it casually while you’re out and about.
  • The Bucket Hat Visor for taking your kids out camping or for that fishing trip with the buddies
  In 2016, we will be releasing a new style so be sure to be on the look out, and get your sun hat from Gordon Wear today!