Gordon Wear Leash and Collar Set: The Best Connection Between Your Puggle and You


This cross-breed of a beagle and a pug has created a wonderful dog that is small, very friendly, intelligent, curious, and likes to prance about just to show their happiness. They are extremely social and make the perfect little best friend for any age group. What’s even better is that this little breed is very easy to care for; all they want is some good old fashion love and attention from you and definitely a good 20 or 30-minute walk every day.

A puggle on a walk is a happy puggle (honestly a puggle anywhere is a happy puggle), but walking your puggle allows them to indulge in their naturally curious nature. Because of their beagle heritage they love to sniff things out and find new new places. They love the opportunity to meet new dogs and new people. Most of all, your puggle loves to be out with you. The only problem is how do you contain all of that vibrant puggle energy and make sure your puggle doesn’t get lost in all the excitement? This is exactly the reason we have created the Gordon Wear Leash and Collar Set.

Our Leash and Collar Set is the perfect fit for any dog and owner lifestyle. They are padded in case your dog has a tendency to pull, non-toxic (if your dog is a chewer), and completely adjustable to the size of your dog. Our Dog Leash and Collar set will keep your dog safe and keep you both comfortable at the same time.

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