Designed and Tested in Palo Alto


The Gordon Wear Dog Set is designed and tested right here in Palo Alto, California with you and your dog in mind. We guarantee the highest quality certain to make your life outdoors simple, pure, and fun.

We created our Dog Set to solve one common problem: why is it so hard to find a simple, but really good leash these days? Here's what sets us apart:

  •  Our product is designed for local dog owners by a local dog owner.
  •  It’s simple—and that’s the point. It’s built extra tough and extra comfortable, exceeding the quality and materials that even expensive collar brands use.
  •  We believe in the power of padding. Just enough to give you ultimate control and comfort.
  •  Don’t underestimate the metal D-ring. It's the perfect place to put a dog tag, keys, or doggie bags—hook it up!

    Give your dog the quality that they deserve. Shop local and purchase our Dog Set today. A special $10 discount is exclusively offered to this community.