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Strong Head, Gentle Hearts: Get Your Pitbull the Best with Gordon Wear


We’ve all been misunderstood at one point or another.

Pit Bull Terriers are no strangers to that. After years of bad breeding, they have garnered a reputation of being violent and dangerous around other animals and even people. However, just like any dog, it all depends on how they are raised. Many people find that through proper breeding and care, Pit Bulls are very gentle towards people. Some even consider themselves to be lap dogs, although their size would suggest otherwise!

Their gentle and loving nature make them great family dogs. Obedience is innate, and they live to please their owner. Loyalty is a priority for a Pit Bull. Their playfulness and tenacity can make them stubborn, but any confident owner can keep them in line.



Socialization is key to a Pit Bull’s success. While they are generally warm and welcoming to humans, Pit Bulls are often aggressive towards other animals. Through proper socialization at an early age, they can overcome the desire to attack. Although Pit Bulls might not be the one to start the fight, they will try to finish it. If they feel that their owner or they themselves are threatened, Pit Bulls often will not hesitate. Gordon Wear dog leashes are strong enough to handle any pull and keep your dog by your side. Their padded handles will keep your hands safe and your grip tight, so you are in control.

Pit Bulls are also quite the athletes. They are known for their strength and agility, making them excellent competitors and even better play buddies. Their need to exercise is more pressing than in many of their canine counterparts. Lots of walks and playtime will keep them happy and healthy, so grab your Gordon Wear dog leash and head out the door! Their adjustable collars make it easy to fit around your dog’s neck and won’t hurt him or her when pulling.

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