Leashes & Collars for All Kinds of Terriers at Gordon Wear


Taking your feisty, energetic, and friendly terrier for a walk is always an adventure. Whether they are playing with another dog they meet along the way, barking a little too much at another family across the street, or making you laugh with their curious and silly antics as they chase leaves and butterflies, there is never a dull moment with these inquisitive and adorable dogs.

Regardless of whether your terrier is a miniature schnauzer, a jack russell, or a bull terrier, or one of the many other breeds, terriers can be rather enthusiastic and may pull a little too hard on their leash which can be uncomfortable for both you and your favorite friend.

Gordon Wear Dog Leash & Collar Set

Finding the right collar and leash combo to make things easier for both you and your dog can help ease these discomforts. Luckily, the Gordon Wear Leash & Collar Set is here for you. Gordon Wear leashes come with soft padding that protects your hands when your terrier gets a bit too energetic. The collar/leash combo is made with safe, non-toxic polypropylene material making it safe for the dog that loves walks so much they excitedly bite at their leash.

The leash also includes a convenient metal O-ring for you to hold your keys or other small items. These sets are sturdy and brightly colored making them a perfect match for your terrier. Plus, the adjustable collar is made for dogs from small to large sizes making this purchase extra affordable as you won’t need to buy multiple collars as your dog grows.


With so many convenient and sensible features, both dogs and their owners love Gordon Wear collars and leashes. Our collar/leash sets are high quality and local. For comfort, safety, and durability, Gordon Wear products are the best option for terriers and their humans.