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Get the Best for Your Labrador with Gordon Wear

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Dogs are man’s best friends, and no breed evokes that more than the Labrador retriever. Ask any Lab owner and they’ll tell you how friendly Labs are. Labradors often assume anyone they meet is their friend. Just try to find one that isn’t friendly.

Labs are one of the most loyal breeds. They seem imprint on their owners like a baby duckling to its mother. No one is more excited to see you come home than your Lab.

“If you want a friend for life, get a dog.” -Harry S Truman

Gordon Wear’s Dog Leash & Collar Set

Gordon Wear understands that you’re best friend deserves the best. That’s why we offer a quality Leash & Collar Set for your loyal Lab. Our collars are safe (non-toxic) for your pets, and comfortable for both them and your hands.

Benefits of Gordon Wear:

  • Made from sturdy materials
  • Comfortable for you and your dog
  • Non-toxic

In addition to our leash & collar sets, we also offer fun apparel for those sunny walks you take with your Lab. We offer FREE shipping on all orders within the U.S. For these and other quality products, be sure to visit our home page today.