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Learn About Our UPF 50+ Certification


The best line of defense against the sun is to cover up! Dark t-shirts like this black, women's tshirt provide UPF protection of around 50 UPF.

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UPF50 symbol

At Gordon Wear we take no chances with sun protection, that’s why all of our products are certified UPF 50+—the highest possible rating.

What is UPF? Great question. The Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) is the gold standard for measuring sun protective fabrics. A UPF rating indicates the transmittance of UV radiation (measured using a spectroradiometer and an artificial light source) and translates this result based on the sunburn action spectrum (erythema action spectrum). In simple terms, it measures the ratio of harmful UV rays that pass through a fabric.

What about SPF, you ask? SPF is a rating used for suncream and other lotions. It measures the length of time a sunscreen will protect your skin from UVB rays and is not applicable for fabric. A hat with an “SPF” rating is not guaranteed to protect you from skin damage.

The industry standard of excellence for UPF certification is UPF 50+, but our hats have actually tested between UPF 300+ and UPF 1000+ which exceeds the international recommendation. This means that Gordon Wear hats block 99.999% of UV-A and UV-B radiation. You can view our UPF Certification HERE. Unlike our hats, we are fully transparent! 

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