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Give Your Hound Something Special with Gordon Wear Dog Leash & Collar Sets


To spot a hound you don’t have to look further than their ears and eyes. Hounds typically have endearing droopy eyes and big floppy ears. Hounds were initially bred to be hunting dogs with their fierce reflexes, loyalty, and keen sense of smell. Their sense of smell is the most valuable asset in their arsenal. Researchers estimate that a hound’s sense of smell is 1,000 times greater than a human’s. This allows them to not only smell prey but also track them. Hounds are used to find missing people, illegal drugs, and even the remote.

However, a hound’s powerful sense of smell can be a double edged sword. Their strong nose can be great if you are a hunter, but if you are an average dog owner there can be complications. Walks, for example, can be a difficult time to tame your hound. A walk can be an olfactory dream for your companion but a power struggle nightmare for you. However, with the right equipment and training your walk can be a breeze.

At Gordon Wear, we make special padded handles made from non-toxic polypropylene which offers extra comfort on hands and a better grip for pullers. This helps when your hound catches the scent of a bird in the distance and you don’t want them to go catch it. Visit our site here to get the right equipment for you and your hound to make walks an enjoyable experience.

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