Gordon Wear: Let Us Protect Your Head From The Sun!

Here at Gordon Wear we understand how important it is to protect your head from harmful UV rays during the summer months.

Without proper head protection, you are putting yourself at risk of skin cancer. We have created a line of protective, comfortable, and stylish sun hats that help protect you from sun radiation, and help you look good while doing it.   sunny sky 

While it is important to wear a sun hat at all times while you’re outside, it is just as important to find the right kind of hat.

Our long brim hats are UPF 50+ and they truly cover your whole face from the sun. Wearing sunscreen isn’t even needed on your face or neck when wearing one of our hats.   When wearing a sun hat during the summer months, you are going to want to find one that not only protects your head but is also comfortable and stylish. Some people don't want to wear summer hats because they are considered unattractive, but we want you to regain your hat confidence. Our long brim hats and visors are so stylish that you’ll want to show them off all summer.   We have outdoor hats, walking hats, as well as bucket and sport visors. Yes, you read that correctly. Visors are back! And don’t worry about them not protecting your head, studies have shown that if you have hair on your head, your hair will protect your scalp from sun radiation, making it so you don’t need your whole head covered.

Gordon Wear Bucket HatLightweight visorGordon Wear wide brim hat

Come shop Gordon Wear for all your sun hat product needs. We care about sun protection, comfort and good looks!




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