Who We Are


Gordon Wear was born out of a certain passions: dogs, helping with worries and stress, and the connections between animals and humans. We work to bring you products that will enhance your physical and spiritual well being, go hand in hand with your passion for life. 

Gordon Wear was founded on the foundations of simplicity and responsibility. Each and every one of our products possesses its own story and is custom designed and stands out for its quality and careful craftsmanship. That is why our products universally receive 5* ratings wherever they're sold (see Gordon Wear's excellent reviews and ratings on Amazon.com).

Our Founder


Gordon (our Founder & CEO) & Mishu (our Boss)

"N.G." Gordon is known in the business world for his energy and honesty. A former Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur, Gordon spends his days with his dog and designing beautiful, simple, and functional products. 



Our Promise

Guaranteed Satisfaction. We use only the highest quality materials when crafting our unique products, ensuring 100% customer satisfaction – each and every time.

Happiness: We’ve made it our mission to create a collection of goods that provide inspiration and joy at a reasonable price. 

Integrity. We believe in an honest and transparent approach, and are 100% committed to your well-being. If you walk away smiling, our job is done.

Innovation. We weren’t able to find what we were looking for – so we made it. For us, for you, for all! We strive to think out of the box, create new things, and listen to the desires of our customers.

Flexibility. If there’s something you fancy that you don’t see on our site, or have a suggestion about an existing product, just pop us a message. We’ll do our utmost to satisfy you.

Service Excellence. There’s a reason the saying “The customer is always right” came to be. You come first, today, tomorrow and always (read what our customers say)! 


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