Gordon Wear Collar and Leash Set: The Best Way to Stay in Touch with Your Golden Retriever


Your Golden Retriever is a wonderful dog. They are used for everything from guide dogs for the blind to filling the role of the perfect pet. They are the most friendly canine you could own, and their ability to be friendly with everyone makes them a natural part of your family. They are extremely intelligent which makes them very easy to train but also very curious about everything they find. Golden Retrievers also love to move and to roam. A Golden Retriever that is outside is a happy Golden Retriever.

Originally bred to hunt and retrieve, your Golden Retriever can run all day and then...they want to swim a lake (yes, the entire lake). This means they can keep up with your active lifestyle, whether you’re just talking a walk, going for a run, or just always up and going. Honestly, the Golden Retriever is happy to just be with you.

When Golden Retrievers are outside they are naturally curious and will investigate anything, so you need a sleek and comfortable way to make sure your Golden Retriever is safe when they are out and about with you. That is why we provide our Gordon Wear Dog Leash and Collar Set.

Our leash and collars are the perfect fit for any dog. They are padded in case your dog has a tendency to pull, non-toxic for dogs with a tendency to chew, and completely adjustable to the size of your dog. Our Dog Leash and Collar Set will keep your dog safe and keep you both comfortable at the same time.

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