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Find the Best Traveling Hats at Gordon Wear

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Our world revolves around the sun. We are dependent on its heat and warmth for our survival and happiness.

But sun exposure can be dangerous, especially when it comes to your skin. According to skincancer.org there are more cases of skin cancer diagnosed annually than any other type of cancer.  

What precautions can you and your loved ones take in order to properly take care of your skin when it’s exposed to the sun?

One of the easiest and sometimes overlooked prevention methods is the use of hats and clothing to protect your skin from the sun. Gordon Wear offers long brimmed hats and visors with UPF 50 that protect the wearer’s face from harmful UV rays.   UPF sun hat with brimThe best time to use these hats is when you will be exposed to the sun's rays for extended periods of time like playing outdoor sports or traveling. No one wants their vacation ruined by a bad sunburn. By taking the time to protect your skin you will be able to enjoy both the temporary relief from an itchy and painful sunburn, and the piece of mind knowing that you are saving yourself from the long-term effects of skin cancer down the road.  

Gordon Wear’s hats are ideal for travel because their different styles offer maximum protection, with their long brims and bucket styles.

Their light weight material doesn’t feel bulky or heavy, making the wearer forget that it’s even there. Choose from the best hats for travel at Gordon Wear. Relaxing in the sun doesn’t have to mean skin damage; you can have the best of both worlds by taking the precautions necessary to protect your skin while still enjoying the warmth of the sun.

Choose to take a stand against skin cancer whether you’re traveling, playing an outdoor sport, or weeding your garden. Your skin will thank you.