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    • Shipping
      We want you to feel great about your purchase and have a great experience. For that reason, shipping is free for all US domestic orders. You make the purchase and we do the rest. For international shipping, we unfortunately cannot absorb the higher costs. Shipping rates vary by country and customers are responsible for any additional duties, taxes and/or customs restrictions that may be assessed by country of delivery. Estimates can be calculated here

    • The item I want says it’s Out of Stock. When will it become available again?
      Because of the careful way we source our fabrics and produce our products from only the highest quality materials, many items are limited quantities and become out of stock. Contact sales@gordonwear.com and indicate which product/style you are seeking. We will  contact you when the style you wanted is available again.

    • What do you mean by "long brim"?
    • Long brim refers to the length of the hat or visor brim. Many hats have only a 2 or 3-inch brim, but a hat or visor with a longer brim covers more of your face and blocks more of the sun's glare, thus offering better protection from sun damage and skin cancer. All Gordon Wear hats and visors have long brims of 4 or 5 inches.

    • How do you mean by #checkyourhat?
      We encourage you to #checkyourhat to make sure it offers adequate sun protection: First, you want to check the label for UPF certification (at least 50+). Make sure that the tags don't have "fine print" indicating that parts of the hat aren't protected (that's, unfortunately, common). Then look beyond the label. Areas of the hat with mesh or looser fabric weave will not provide the same protection as a tight weave. Finally, put the hat on under direct sun and ask a friend to take a photo of your face from all angles. If the sun hits parts of your face, you know where you're vulnerable to sun damage and skin cancer. Unless your face is very very small, you will likely find that a a 3-inch hat brim is not enough.  A 4-inch brim is much better and probably a 5-inch hat brim is best (although not always attractive, so you should make the choice that balances your priorities). 
      In this photo below, Maria Sharapova's visor is attractive, but but brim is too short so it doesn't adequately shade her face.
Maria Sharapova's visor is nice, but does not shade her face because the brim is too short

    • Will the UPF protection on your hats wear off? Is it safe?
      All of our products retain their sun protection (UPF rating) for the life of the fabric. Our hats and visors gain their sun protection naturally, due to the choice of fabric (tightness of weave, thickness, color, or double layers). We don't treat our fabrics with any chemicals to enhance UPF protection.

    • What exactly does UPF 50+ mean? What about UPF 300+? UPF 1000+?

      UPF 50+ Sun Protection Excellent Rated

      All Gordon Wear products have been tested and are certified *UPF 50+ — we take no chances with sun damage.

      * In fact, all of our hats test between UPF 300+ and UPF 1000+ . This means that they exceeds international recommendations and block 99.999% of UV-A and UV-B radiation.

      What is UPF?  UPF is the gold standard for measuring sun protective fabrics.  A UPF rating indicates the transmittance of UV radiation (measured using a spectroradiometer and an artificial light source) and translates this result based on the sunburn action spectrum (erythema action spectrum).

      You can view our UPF Certification HERE  – Unlike our hats, we are fully transparent! :-)

      What about SPF?  SPF is a rating used for sunscreen and other lotions. It measures the how well a liquid is absorbed into the skin and is not applicable for fabric. A hat with an “SPF” rating is not guaranteed to protect you from harmful sun rays.

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    • Do you have a Return/Exchange Policy?
      We stand behind our products and will gladly accept returns or exchanges within 90 days of your original purchase date. All we ask is that you send the items back in their original packaging and in the same condition as when you received them. Instructions for returning or exchanging products:
      1. Return product(s) in the same box in which they were shipped (or in a similar size box). Do not use envelopes or other soft packaging that may cause them to become damaged or bent, especially the brim.
      2. Products must be unworn, unwashed and with the original tags included. They must be clean and in the condition you received them.
      3. Include the completed return form that was included in your order box, as well as the last four digits of the credit card you used to make your purchase.
      4. Indicate whether you would like a Refund, an Exchange or a Repair.
      5. For shipping information for returns, please contact us: service[at]weargordons.com

    • What is your 100% Guarantee Policy?
      Gordon Wear provides the highest quality sun protective head wear and clothing.  We will replace or repair any of our products with a manufacturing defect free of charge for the lifetime of the product. This warranty does not include failures resulting from misuse, improper care, or damage from normal wear and tear. We would be happy to repair damage due to normal wear and tear at a reasonable cost.
    • Determining Hat and Visor Size
      All of our hats and visors are adjustable, and therefore they are One Size Fits Most. They fit head sizes between 21-inches and 24 inches in circumference -- generally anyone between size Small (6-3/4) to Extra Large (7-5/8) in typical hat sizes.
      How to Measure Your Head Circumference:
      Wrap a tape measure or piece of string around your head above your ears, where
      you plan to wear that hat.            
    • How to contact you?