Best Hats for Hikers

Hiking is gaining more and more popularity. It’s a great activity to get out and exercise while observing the nature around you. But there are many essentials you have to have when it comes to hiking.  

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You’re going to need either a water bottle or a CamelBak, good hiking shoes that won’t give your feet blisters or make them sore, a jacket for the chilly days, and a good hat to keep your head and skin protected from the sun and heat.   UPF sun hat It can be hard picking out the right gear for your hiking experience.

What kind of hat is the best kind for hiking?

A baseball cap? Fedora? Maybe a cowboy hat? Although all these hats are usually worn outside, they aren’t the best option for hiking. When searching for the perfect hat for hiking there are a number of factors to consider. The hat should have a long enough brim to cover your face from the sun and its UV rays. Also, the brim has to go all the way around your head instead of just the front, in order to protect your neck as well. The fabric should be thick enough so the sun can’t go through but light enough to still keep you cool, and it would help if the hat was washable.   That’s why the Walking Hat and the Outdoor Hat from Gordon Wear are the perfect hats for hiking. The Walking Hat has a lightweight moisture-wicking material to keep you cool, has UPF 50+ protection, a 4-inch brim and longer neck to protect your entire head from the sun, premium fabric for sun protection, and is washable. It’s perfect for not only hiking, but boating, walking, and running.   The Outdoor Hat is a well-structured hat that was made for rigorous daily use and any outdoor activity. It’s water resistant, offers UPF 50+ protection, has a long brim that goes around the entire hat to protect from any angle, and is made from premium fabric for a quality hat.   You won’t be disappointed from wearing these hats, and you’ll never feel more protected from the sun and cool from the heat. Hats are essential when hiking and you want a hat that will make you happy. These hats will! They are attractive while still keeping you cool from the hot sun. Check out Gordon Wear today and get your perfect hat for hiking.