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Beagles: Loving and Loveable. Get Them the Best with Gordon Wear


There’s just something about those eyes.

While beagles are known for being all-around beautiful dogs, their skills go beyond just their looks. Beagles are scent hounds. Despite being bred to hunt rabbits, you can say they are lovers rather than fighters. Beagles are sweet, gentle, and a whole lot of fun. Their curious nature makes them wonderful adventure buddies. Once they pick up a scent, they are off. Beagles love to socialize, especially with other dogs. Maybe yours will pull you away from the TV and help you meet some people yourself!

There is also something comforting about reciprocated love. Beagles are just as loving as they are loveable. They are great with kids, making them excellent family dogs. If you are hoping for a guard dog, you may find yourself disappointed. Their sweet temperment lets them get along with basically anyone they meet. Not the best for burglaries, but great for when company comes over.


But don’t be fooled by those big brown eyes. Beagles are clever and quick. Just try hiding something or someone and they will show you their brains. With their smarts comes their unique personalities that will leave you rolling. Humour comes in all shapes and sizes. Your beagle may surprise you with how often he or she makes you smile.

Gordon Wear Dog Leash & Collar Sets

While beagles have a lot to give, they have needs of their own. Beagles need plenty of exercise. When cooped up for too long, they might get creative when looking for some entertainment. That could mean bad news for your shoe closet or the family garden. Make sure regular walks are a priority. Gordon Wear dog leashes are safe, sturdy, and comfortable for both you and your pet. They make each and every walk easy and enjoyable, letting you focus on what really matters most.


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