If someone doesn’t know you from a bar of soap, what do they have to judge you by? Your image. Namely, what you’re wearing.

T-Shirts have a lot of power to spark conversation, no matter the occasion. They can start a relationship…or end one. Start a fight…or, well, end one. Gordon Wear is home to a range of T-Shirts crafted for people with specific passions for dogs or/and tennis.

Our tennis collection was voted “Best Tennis Gift Collection” on a variety of websites. Our Rafa collection ignites the flame in tennis lovers globally. Our Abe Lincoln collection is set to last four scores and seven years from now, and our “I’m a PoliSci major, ask me anything” collection allows these majors to let strangers know just how awesome they are.

Whatever your unique situation may be, click on above links to see the collections for yourself. We’ve got you (and your body) covered!