Press Release: I’m a PoliSci Major – Ask me Anything


Gordon Wear of, a designer of quality apparel and gifts, today announced that they would be releasing a collection specifically dedicated to PoliSci Majors across the nation:

The Political Science Major collection was announced with the imminent election coming up in November, 2016, in mind.

There truly couldn’t be a better time for the release of such a collection, what with one of the biggest elections in history just on the horizon,” says NG Gordon, founder of Gordon Wear. “With this year presenting an open election, both parties and their supporters are hoping to pull out a win, and everyone across the country wants to know what’s going on and stay in the loop. Who better to answer your burning questions than a knowledgeable PoliSci major?”

We’re sure that Political Science majors have a lot to say about the upcoming election,” continues Gordon. “And whoever they’ve got opinions about, we’re convinced that our exciting new range of T-Shirts, hoodies, mugs and more will become the ultimate conversation starters of late 2016. Maybe even heated debate starters. Who knows! We’ve got the bate – and now PoliSci majors nationwide can reel in some juicy conversation.

This particular collection from Gordon Wear can be purchased for yourself or as a gift for a PoliSci major. The collection includes something for everyone, inclusive of T-Shirts, hoodies, mugs, tank tops, canvases, posters, wall decals and phone cases. The exclusive range can be found on eBay, and

If you’re a PoiSci major, and aren’t afraid of starting a casual conversation (or “spicy” conversation) then this is the collection for you!!” says Gordon.

Here at Gordon Wear, we always strive to deliver what people want. And we hope the word of our exciting new PoliSci collection will spread nationwide and get people talking!” continues Gordon.

Contact: Betty Myers, Gordon Wear

Source: Gordon Wear