Let The Racket Do the Talking (= KEEP CALM AND MAKE A RACKET)

The beautiful game of tennis has the power to send waves of cheers through crowds, without anyone saying a single word. It makes people laugh. Cry. Scream. Scream some more. And all without anyone saying a single word.

“The Racket” single-handedly determines the fate of its holder, going through the motions, and doing all the talking. This is exactly why we at Gordon Wear created our thriving tennis collection, “Let the Racket Do the Talking”.

Funnily enough, we later discovered that tennis legend and bad boy of the game, John McEnroe, was famously quoted for saying: “I’ll let the racket do the talking”. We’re not saying we’re psychic or anything, but we guess life is certainly stranger than fiction.

Our tennis collection has done a lot of talking too, with tennis fans everywhere uniting through their passion thanks to our collection. Click on the link below to check it out for yourself – we won’t say any more.

We’ll let the collection do the talking.