Gordon Wear Will Now Accept Apple Pay For More Convenient Online Shopping

Durham, NC – September 23rd, 2016 – Gordon Wear is pleased to announce that customers will now be able to purchase items from their online retail site using Apple Pay. This new app provides fast and secure online shopping for people using Apple products. Set to make internet purchases so much easier, Gordon Wear is delighted to be able to offer their customers this state-of-the-art payment system. Company founder and CEO, N.G. Gordon, explains further:

“If you own an iPhone, Apple Watch, Mac or iPad, you can now purchase any of our items from our website with a simple click of button or at the touch of your screen! We are excited to be among the first companies to enable customers using this brand new app to use it in our store. One of the great advantages of Apple Pay is that you don’t have to create an account or log-in to use it. Also, it has the best security previsions! Card numbers are never stored or shared. We think that people will love being able to shop with Gordon Wear using the Apple Pay app!”

Gordon Wear retails a wide range of products to customers throughout the United States. They specialize in items that bring together fitness, outdoor activities, and the love of pets. Not only are Gordon Wear products practical and value for money, they are also fun and humorous. Some of the most popular items from Gordon Wear include a range of dog and tennis-related merchandise and apparel. In particular, anyone who enjoys playing or watching tennis and loves dogs will find plenty of whimsical products available from Gordon Wear.

With Christmas rapidly approaching and people already looking for quality gift items, enabling customers to use the Apple Pay app is expected to boost sales for Gordon Wear. This app will work together with American Express–issued credit and charge cards, ANZ-issued Visa credit and debit cards, ANZ-issued American Express cards and ANZ-issued MasterCard credit cards. Additionally, Gordon Wear also accepts payments from PayPal, Amazon and all other major bank cards.

Currently Gordon Wear is offering plenty of big discounts across a broad range of stock including unisex T-shirts, hoodies, coffee mugs, posters, and dog leash and collar selection. All items can be delivered throughout the United States and shipping is free. For more information about Gordon Wear and their exclusive product range, customers can visit their website.

About Gordon Wear

Gordon Wear specializes in high quality merchandise available throughout the United States. Passionate about the outdoors, pets and fitness, this company focuses on fun and practical products for all ages. All products are guaranteed premium quality and accompanied by attentive customer service.


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