DearMishu Best Posts 2016 - A Totally Zen Advice Column Written by a Dog, Really.

Here are most popular DearMisu posts of 2006.  Mishu brings her own particular brand of dog-like zen to her advice column. We  think you'll agree that Mishu has more wisdom in one paw than most humans have in both their fancy opposable-thumb hands.


#1 Most Popular DearMishu Post of 2016.  Mishu is celebrating Thanksgiving in the beautiful mountains of Boone, North Carolina with some off-leash time, feeling thankful for family and friends. #LiveLifeOffLeash



 #2 Most Popular DearMishu Post of 2016. This perfectly represents what our dogs are to us: friend, confidant, expert cuddlers.




 #3 Most Popular DearMishu Post of 2016. Unlike humans, dogs don't usually have a million thoughts running through their minds, distracting them from what they really want. 




#4 Most Popular DearMishu Post of 2016. What? Mishu speaks ancient Hebrew?? People are starting to treat Mishu like the Oracle at Delphi -- the source of all ancient truth and wisdom!




#5 Most Popular DearMishu Post of 2016. Mishu gives a pretty obvious answer to a question people seem to ask about dogs all the time. Sometimes wisdom just takes seeing things from the other's perspective.





That's it - those are the most popular DearMishu posts of 2016! Mishu took the internet by storm in late 2016 with her DearMishu Advice Column. Onward and upward in 2017, Mishu!