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The Reviews Are In: Dog Leash and Collar Set

by Meghan King March 03, 2016

The reviews are in––from furry friends and dog owners alike––and we’re thrilled to share some of the positive feedback that our Dog Leash and Collar set is getting. It’s great for dogs of all sizes, and offers the quality, padded handle, strength, durability and convenience that people and pups are looking for.


“I would recommend this set to anyone with a furry friend, especially the big, heavy, boxy headed ones.”

“The collar is largely adjustable. My puppy is 11 weeks, and I put the collar to the smallest setting.”

“Superb construction, and the handle has the perfect combination of soft yet durable.”

“The collar is easily adjustable and is made from the same material as the leash - matches perfectly!”

“The leash has a padded handle that’s soft and easy on my hands. It also has a metal ring on the handle, for attaching our collapsible water dish or poop bags.”

“This is a well-made collar & leash set. The materials used are high quality and the double-stitching makes it sturdy.”

“I like the bright color, but most important for me is that it is non-toxic.”

“I like to run with my dog and I was looking for a leash with a padded handle that would be comfortable and also hold up to sweat and a lot of wear ... great for runners.”

“The leash is nice in long so your dog has plenty of room to do their business and move around.”

“I am really tickled with this item and my dog is happy as well.”

This is the word on the streets (and sidewalks!), at the dog parks, on the trails, in the mountains, and throughout the great outdoors. Now it’s up to you and grab a leash and go!

Don't wait another minute! Purchase the complete set (available below), and hit the road tomorrow:

Meghan King
Meghan King