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Dogs Love Gordon Wear

by Meghan King March 02, 2016

We believe our Gordon Wear Dog Leash and Collar Set is what dogs would choose if they could. And since dogs want their owners to be comfortable too (of course), they would definitely get that padded handle leash for you. Because the paws can prove it, we set out to partner with some cute dogs, and our favorite dog brands and communities in order to offer specials on our dog set and explore how much #dogsloveGordonWear.

Your dog is the best judge of a good leash and collar, so we asked dogs of the internet to show us their best mug shot using #dogsloveGordonWear. Explore the hashtag to see some great pictures of man’s best friend, and post a picture of your dog in leash for a chance to be included in our dog-loving community.

#dogsloveGordonWear Dog Leash and Collar Set

Other fans of Gordon Wear include our friends at Shake Paws who are giving away three dog sets this month to happy dog lovers, and even happier dogs. MyDogisCutest featured Mishu, Gordon Wear’s home dog, and offered new followers of Gordon Wear a $5 discount. PuppyTrip featured the Gordon Wear leash and collar set with its great padded handle as another way to love your dog, and PugSquared featured a great review of the dog set. 

Need any further proof that dogs love Gordon Wear? Here’s Brandy_and_Moose modeling their brand new Gordon Wear dog leash and dog collar set. They look happy, and that's what we set out to achieve when we created this product.

 Achieve that doggone happiness. Our complete set is available to purchase today:

Gordon Wear Dog Collar and Leash with Padded Handle (Complete Set)

Meghan King
Meghan King