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Your Dog's Leash Should Be Dog-Like

by Susan G January 29, 2016

One of the things people love about dogs is that they are pure and simple, full of love and a sense of fun. When we set out to design our Gordon Wear dog leash and collar sets, we wanted to capture that same spirit. 

We also wanted to make sure that we used the highest quality materials that would be safe and comfortable for you (including a padded handle!) and your furry friend.

Details matter, and Gordon Wear dog leash and collar sets with padded handle have been crafted with those values in mind.

If dogs could choose their leashes, they'd choose something light, comfortable and simple, that made them feel powerful. Gordon Wear leashes and collars are made of the softest, high quality nylon and bright bold colors to capture that dog spirit. Dogs would also want their owners to be happy, so a padded handle on the leash is a must. Our collars are light weight, sized in an appropriate width to match their length, and have no embellishments or labels that would be uncomfortable around your pet's neck.

Our leashes are made according to the same design principles: a padded handle made from safe, non-toxic material protects you hand; an extra key ring at the end of the handle gives you a place to hang your keys, a small light, or bags, and a standard 6-foot length means that a dog on a leash can still feel free.

Pure, Simple and Fun - it's how your dog would want it.


Susan G
Susan G