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Visors - Your Style Guide

by Susan G May 13, 2015

WHY VISORS? We love visors! They're both classic and of the moment at the same time. Here are some of the reasons that men and women love visors.

What are visors good for? Tennis!

Who loves to play tennis? Dogs!

Wait... what?  

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1. Comfort: people who run, play tennis or do other sorts of intense exercise often choose visors simply because they are less hot than a traditional hat or cap, provide ventilation and are light weight.

2. Better Coverage: Visors often, do a better job of offering sun protection than a hat or traditional baseball or tennis cap because they can be more easily moved up or down on the head depending on the position of the sun. The only people who should not wear visors are those with bald heads or bald spots -- they should make sure to wear full hats with UPF protection on all parts of the hat (not just the brim).

3. Lookin' Good!  Perhaps it is because of their association with golfers, but visors are generally seen as classy. Visors hit that sweet spot between athletic and preppy, so they work as sun protection with a variety of clothing styles. Visors also help people of both genders with fuller hair avoid the dreaded hat head, and they help everyone avoid a sweaty head (which doesn't look very good once you take a hat off). For men with very short hair (i.e. buzz cut), visors just seem to stay on better.

4. Style: There are visors, and there are visors. The visors we design at Gordon Wear are known for their clean lines, superior (and UPF 50+) fabric, and excellent sun coverage. We do our best to provide you with visor choices that look good on both men and women, and a wide selection of colors that fit different personal styles. We hope you'll try our Gordon Wear visors.    

Susan G
Susan G