Gordon Wear of, a designer of quality apparel and gifts for outdoor enthusiasts today announced that they would be releasing a specialized tennis collection:

Tennis is such a positive sport,” continues Gordon. It has the power to bring people together, enable them to explore the great outdoors and reap the rewards of being one with nature – while having an amazing time and indulging in some healthy competition!” says Noam Gordon, founder of Gordon Wear.

The announcement coincided with the news that tennis star, Rafael Nadal, would be retiring from the French Open.

There truly couldn’t be a better time for this, what with tennis fans globally left devastated after Rafa Nadal’s heartbreaking announcement that he would be retiring from the French Open,” says Gordon.

Rafa’s retirement sent shock waves through all of us, but we are honored to be introducing our one-of-a-kind tennis collection to reignite the flame in the hearts of tennis players everywhere - and keep it burning!” finishes Gordon.

Gordon Wear will be introducing three exciting tennis collections:

These collections include something for every taste, from T-Shirts to mugs and posters and more. The exclusive range can be found on eBay, and  “If you love tennis and everything that comes with it, don’t miss out on this unique and vibrant tennis-lovers’ collection!” says Gordon.

Here at Gordon Wear, we live for a life outdoors, which is why we work to design high quality products for anyone who shares our passion.” continues Gordon.

Contact: Susan Myers, Gordon Wear

Source: Gordon Wear