Why we love Tennis at Gordon Wear!

Sometimes we wonder what drives our lives, like affect our lives’ goals and decisions. The only conclusion we have reached all those times is Love. Either it be a girl, a place, a sport or any sports team etc., love is the decisive factor in our lives. If one feels passionate about something and really enjoys doing it then we don’t think that he should plan his life without centering it on that particular thing.

“You can do anything as long as you have the passion, the drive, the focus, and the support.” (Sabrina Bryan)

We never had a doubt in our mind that our passion, our obsession, our love was always Tennis! Every time when we would step out on tennis court all our stress, frustration, and anxiety would fade and we would feel like free birds floating around and hitting ball after ball. Even watching an interesting match like Rafael Nadal vs. Andy Murray was very relaxing. The beautiful thing about tennis is that it comprises of all three factors: physical, technical and mental so you have to completely immerse yourself into it. Another thing about singles tennis is the feeling of complete control over your fortune. It’s you and just you against the opponent and only you are responsible for everything unlike many team sports where you can perform your best but still end up on the losing side because of other teammates. Now comes the most beautiful thing about tennis, “the moment”. When you hit a sweetly timed winner or a ridiculous passing shot or maybe a Nadal-esque down the line forehand, that feeling is just pure addiction, you can suffer for hours in the training for that one moment and at that particular instance of time you feel like you are on top of the universe, from the moment the ball leaves your racquet the feeling is just indescribable.

Since Tennis was our only love so that is why we started this venture. We wanted to quench the thirst of tennis maniacs like us. So, we started working on our idea as a gift for tennis players. Our main purpose is to provide the best tennis goodies. We aim to provide best tennis gifts for all which will include best gifts for tennis coach, best gifts for tennis lovers, best gifts for tennis players and best gifts for tennis fans.

Being tennis enthusiasts ourselves we have huge experience of how even simple gifts would become special for us if they were associated with tennis in one way or another.  We would get really excited when we were presented with gifts related to Tennis or related to our Tennis idols like Roger Federer, Pete Sampras, Andre Agassi, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic etc. 

So what we do here is we think about the best tennis gift ideas and then put those ideas of cool tennis gifts into life. Our aim is to target the entire market from tennis gifts for dad to tennis to tennis gifts for boyfriend to tennis gifts for kids.

We are doing it not only because it’s business, there can be numerous other much better options, but because we breathe tennis and in this way we can continue to fulfill our passion for this beautiful sport in a way for the rest of our lives

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