Building a dog store hanger - tell us what you think?

Our team got an order for our dog sets - for the first time - from a local pet store here in northern California. That means we need to create a hanging tag for displaying the set. We brainstormed, and here is the concept we are thinking about:

As you can see, it was quite preliminary to start. Our goal was to create something that would stand out in the shop in terms of originality, a unique look, and something that would appeal to locals. 

Can you believe how raw the concept is here?


And here is our second try - this time, with the help of a printing house:

Dog Combo hanger label - Gordon Wear

It's shaping up!  Our concept is to encourage visitors to touch the padded leash handle, because we know our customers love our dog leash's comfortable, sturdy handle.


The first batch didn't print well... bummer.
Our second try to build a unique dog store hanger in menlo park

  1. The material we chose requires a metal grommet hole -- which costs $1 a hole! 
  2. The hole goes right through the text
  3. The tag needs to be longer

Now we're working on the next version. We'll print it tomorrow - May 12th, and update you then. 


May 12: Look - we almost there:

Gordon Leash - new version

Printing of few dozens is schedule for mid next week.