Gordon Wear is on Pinterest!!

Thank God for Social Media, the global connection is just one click away!

It is everyone’s knowledge that we have a website that you can visit which is www.weargondons.com, a Facebook page which is Gordon Wear, and of course last but definitely not the least, @weargordons on Instagram. And now, we are so happy and excited to inform you that we have our very own Weargordons Pinterest account! 


These social media accounts are different ways on how we serve and connect with you. We want our followers and customers to have multiple choices in getting in touch with us. We made sure that our social media accounts have their own flavor and different attacks.










We are still in the process of updating our boards and pins on our Pinterest account to make it look more interesting to everyone, especially dog lovers.

We are proud to say that on this site, it will not only show you one product line but a
lot more so always stay tuned and follow our boards!