They say that when you achieve an outcome you’ve worked so hard for, you finally feel like it was worth it. “Worth it” does not even begin to describe what we feel following the success of our Gordon Wear Dog Leash and Collar Set on Amazon.com and Groupon.

When we first started working on the designs last winter, we had no guarantee that our frozen fingers would receive recognition. The tedious logistics almost broke our determination, but we followed our instincts anyway. The result? An abundance of 5-star reviews from you – our happy customers!

We are overwhelmed by your kind feedback on our dog leash and dog collar, and would like to thank each and every one of you. We love you, and can’t wait to bring you more!

Check out these photos from the factory -- the first one shows the Gordon Wear dog leash padded handle being made.The second photo shows a huge pile of red and blue dog leash and collar sets ready to be packaged. The third photo shows a red dog leash and collar packaged and ready for shipment.

Gordon Wear Dog Collar & Leash - Factory Floor 20015

 Gordon Wear Dog Collar & Leash - Factory Floor 20015 - end of the line almost...

THANK YOU!! Gordon Wear Dog Collar & Leash - Factory Floor 20015 



 Dog Set Amazon Reviews - we got 5 stars, thank you so much!!!