A Leash Leads the Way: Identifying A Top-Quality Dog Leash

A leash is the one thing that connects you to your dog. Whether it’s held in your hand, or waiting in a pile at the front door when you get home, it’s a symbol that expresses time, love, and the possibility of adventure. A good leash is not only emotional, but essential. Once outside, nothing should stop you from being able to dedicate your time to your dog’s health and happiness. With so many choices and high expectations, shopping for a leash and collar can be overwhelming!

We set out to make the process easier by learning how a quality leash gets made, and how that process can help to determine what dog owners like you should look for when selecting a leash. To do so, we surveyed a reputable dog leash and pet accessory production facility (with over 20 years of history) for their expertise in manufacturing. What we found, like so many things, is that quality can be found in the details. Here’s what you should consider when shopping for a top-quality dog leash for your furry friend:


Start with the material from which the leash is made and carefully examine it. Let’s take nylon as an example—a durable fiber known for its strength and sturdiness. When nylon is manufactured it’s woven into spools and leashes and other nylon products are then crafted directly from those spools of synthetic polymer. Evaluating the material’s safety, color, size, stitching, smell, and tactile feel will help to determine the quality of the leash’s raw materials and how they will feel on you and your dog.

  • SAFETY: When it comes to your dog, safety is everything. A top priority is to ensure that all materials are non-toxic and not harming the dog or owner as it comes into contact with with your dog, your hands, and your body daily. Touch the collar and leash to ensure there are no sharp stitches, sticky residue, or rough patches.
  • COLOR: The color of the material should be bright and free of any stains or damage. Gordon Wear leashes are available in red, blue, and black. 
  • SIZE: The size of the leash, such as length and width, speak directly to its construction and durability. Is it wide enough to forgo wear and tear over time? Is it long enough for you and your dog’s needs?
  • STITCHING: The stitching should be straight and clean with double-stitched to reinforce the seams. There should be no stray or excessive threads on any part of the leash.
  • SMELL: A bad, pungent smell can be a sign of poor material. Ensure the nylon has a clean, new smell.
  • FEEL: The tactile experience of a leash is of utmost importance. How does it feel? The nylon should be soft to the touch to ensure comfort for your dog, and the handle should provide both grip and comfort. With nylon especially, the fabric can be tough on hands if your dog is a puller and hard to grip for wet or sweaty hands. Look for leash handle that offers padding. Even better is a non-toxic material like polypropylene—known for its elasticity and shock effect—which will improve your grip in slippery situations. As a bonus, polypropylene’s non-toxic quality makes it safe for dogs that sink their teeth into everything, and your hand which comes into contact with it on every outing!

Leash Hook, Clip & Metalware

Leash hooks, clips, and metal accessories on the leash or collar should be made from steel and plated to avoid rust and corrosion over time—there’s nothing worse than a rusty leash! A new leash’s metalware should demonstrate no signs of inconsistent plating, variation in glossiness, or rust marks. Give the hook a test to ensure it closes all the way and lines up properly. Afterall, that’s the one thing keeping you connected to your dog’s collar! How about an adjustable collar and its plastic clip? The collar clip should be made from durable plastic with a snap that clicks securely into place. An adjustable collar should also demonstrate ease and security as you adjust the size to fit your dog just right. Lastly, what about an O-ring for attaching handy items such as keys, a light, or doggie bags? Don’t leave home without them!

Simplicity & Enjoyment

After you’ve tested the material and accessories for quality, it’s important to consider how the leash will further improve the quality of your city walks, mountain hikes, and runs alongside your dog. A leash that comes with a matching collar ensures that both items are made of the same quality materials, and all hardware has been hand tested for strength and superiority. Bright colors are easy to see, a long leash length allows for a range activities, a padded handle offers extra grip, non-toxic materials ensure safety, and a ring permits for handy additions. There’s a world of possibility out there, and the right leash only makes the trip there that much easier.

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