How do you know what size dog leash & collar to buy? How do I make sure I have the right size?

Have a look at the chart below and select a set based on your dog's neck width, measured around where s/he wears a collar. There is some overlap between the sizes - when in doubt, select the smaller size if your dog has a smaller head and tends to slide out of collars; size up if your dog has a larger head and and could benefit from a wider collar. 

 All our leashes are 6' long - this is the most comfortable leash length for walking, hiking, and running with your dog for most people. For more info, read this article on how to choose a dog leash.



Size Leash size Collar fits neck size...
S 5/8" wide and 6 feet long 10-14" (5/8" wide)
M 3/4" wide and 6 feet long 14-20" (3/4" wide)
L 1" wide and 6 feet long 18-26" (1" wide)