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At Gordon Wear, we believe in life outdoors. That's why we work to bring you high quality products that fit an outdoor lifestyle and passion for life. Our outdoor passions are dogs and tennis. What are yours?

Take Your Dog Collection

For the dog lovers among us, there's nothing that brings us more joy than taking our dogs along for the run, walk, hike or ride. Dogs represent the simplicity of life -- fun, joy, and warm company. Gordon Wear's Take Your Dog Collection tries to capture that dog spirit. We've created simple, durable and safe products that let you include your dog in your daily life without wasting time that could be spent on fun.

Gordon Wear® - Simply Healthy Life Outdoors

Gordon Wear LLC Teams Up With Overstock.com To Retail Their Premium Quality Dog Leash

August 25, 2016

Durham, NC - August 26th, 2016 – Gordon Wear is thrilled to confirm that they are now working alongside Overstock.com to retail and distribute their highly popular dog leash and collar throughout the United States. This new partnership is anticipated to generate plenty of new sales as discerning pet owners seek the ultimate combination of quality, value for money and attentive customer service. CEO and founder of Gordon Wear, N.G. Gordon, explains further: “We are delighted to be working together with Overstock.com. This ecommerce company has a fantastic reputation for retailing quality products and maintaining excellent customer service. Our dog leash and matching dog collar has been an instant success with pet owners, but we needed that extra support to...

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July 22, 2016

Serena Williams is dynamite in human form; one who needs no words to express just how, well, awesome she truly is. The racket did all the talking when she won 21 grand titles, recently taking this year’s Wimbledon title along with her sister, Venus. The racket is the reason she is the highest paid female athlete. She even has her own documentary. How many pro athletes can say that? And she doesn’t need to say a word. The racket has clearly said enough. Any true tennis fanatic knows that letting the racket have the final say is the only way to achieve true and lasting glory. And that’s exactly why we started our own “Let the Racket Do the Talking”...

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Press Release: I’m a PoliSci Major – Ask me Anything

July 15, 2016

PALO ALTO – CALIFORNIA 15th July 2016 Gordon Wear of www.weargordons.com, a designer of quality apparel and gifts, today announced that they would be releasing a collection specifically dedicated to PoliSci Majors across the nation: https://weargordons.com/collections/im-a-polisci-major-ask-me-anything-design The Political Science Major collection was announced with the imminent election coming up in November, 2016, in mind. “There truly couldn’t be a better time for the release of such a collection, what with one of the biggest elections in history just on the horizon,” says NG Gordon, founder of Gordon Wear. “With this year presenting an open election, both parties and their supporters are hoping to pull out a win, and everyone across the country wants to know what’s going on and stay...

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